Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oz 2008: Unusual Temptation

Andrew and I went to The Peel last weekend. It is a popular gay club in Melbourne with an interesting mix of straight women, lesbians, old gay men, young gay men and underaged gay boys. They also have very sexy go go boys.

My attention was drawn to a straight couple. They were both wearing a matching red and black leather outfits. The man's ass was sticking out and the woman's pierced nipples were sticking out as well and they were higher than her armpits.

But Andrew is braver than I am so he approached the couple. They looked interested in talking to him and I could not make out what it was about. I decided to approach them but then the man and the woman stood up and cornered me.

The man said "She has thirteen piercings--one, two, three...thirteen". He pointed to her nipples and down to her vagina. "You like her breasts? Touch them"

And guess what I did? Yes, gentlemen and ladies, I squeezed them. They offered me to come with them but I refused. The man waved his butt across my face but I said no. All that time, I was squeezing Andrew's hand.

I must admit that I was tempted to say "yes" and I do not know why. What could have happened if I came there alone.

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