Tuesday, July 15, 2008

World Youth Day 2008

I was very relieved when I read the news article on Sydney Morning Herald about the court dumping of the "annoy" law. Some politicians did not want Sydney residents having their say during the World Youth Day but fortunately, Sydney residents got their freedom of speech back.

If I were there, I would also be one of the people distributing condoms day and night. Those Catholics are so repressed so I am sure they would try out the brothels in Sydney. As a former Catholic, I feel that I need to protect the Sydney commercial sex workers from the diseases of these poor followers.

I would also be sucking each and every Catholic man's dick so that they can learn that their dicks will not fall off if they become homosexuals. I do not have to do anything with the Catholic women because they are regularly raped by their husbands anyway.

And if I were there, I would also be shouting at the Catholic kids. I have to tell them that looks sometimes say everything. If the pope looks like a child molester then he must be one.

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