Monday, July 7, 2008

Elizabeth (DVD)

Rich, rich, rich, rich.

This movie is just rich and I am not only talking about the colorful costumes, the imaginative cinematography, the big sets, the numerous wigs and the beautiful make up designs. But I am also talking about the writing, the performances and the directing skills of Shekhar Kapur.

The words are not only strong but they are also measured. The speeches are well-crafted and the conversations playful. The scenes can be very brutal sometimes and very subtle sometimes. Nothing is accidental.

The most difficult task about writing for characters that people are familiar with is making them three-dimensional. Michael Hirst made every character multi-layered with their own little agenda that won't reveal themselves until the end. It helped a lot in making the actors very memorable except for Joseph Fiennes. His acting is not horrible but he tends to get overshadowed by Cate Blanchett in every scene. Again, I want to mention that all of the actors are excellent (except for Fiennes) but I have to give special mention to Fanny Ardant who played the seductive and vicious Mary of Guise.

What frustrates me is that this DVD does not have enough docus. I really would like to see pre-prod and post-prod videos. Some of the scenes suffer from too much grain--it was really distracting. I guess I have to put this on my list of future BD purchases.

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