Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (movie)

I have yet to see the first Hellboy in full. I cannot find the 2-disc release in the Philippines. I hope to find it next time but then I am not sure when I am going back.

Anyway, I saw this movie in one of the digital theaters of Siam Paragon because I knew it was going to be a visual feast. And it did not fail. The creature designs are new on the silver screen and there were so many things that I saw in Troll Market (reminds me of Knockturn Alley). I can only imagine how many months they have spent creating those monsters. The storyboarding of the final fight scene is also new in Western cinema although it is not that fresh for those people who grew up watching Hongkong-style movies like me.

But then there are a few scenes that do not work like the scene before the giant plant. Prince Nuada could have grabbed Princess Nuala while Red was distracted. And the crowd's reaction to Red's holding of the baby is also not justified.

Oh the sound is awesome! It blew me away. The speakers in Siam Paragon gave the viewers and the seats a work out.

The stunts are well-executed. I am not sure if Luke Goss (as Prince Nuada) did his own stunts but they were amazing. Thank goodness the director did not use many slow motion scenes. The choreography of the creatures are very unique. Each one of them is just memorable. You have to see the tumor!

I suggest that you watch this in a digital cinema. It is worth every penny or satang or centavo or whatever.

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