Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ned Kelly (2003, DVD)

I have the Heath Ledger fever but then I bought this DVD a couple of months ago. It was very inexpensive and at the same time, it is one way for me to understand a part of the Australian identity.

I think it is hard for a movie like this to be appreciated by a non-Aussie. It is similar to the Robin Hood story but it is totally different. The armor scene may appear comical to people who are not familiar with the story but it really did happen and the armor in the movie is actually very similar to the original one.

Heath is of course fantastic in this movie but there are also other notable performances by Joel Edgerton as Aaron Sherritt and Kerry Condon as Kate Kelly. The cinematography takes advantage of Australia's wide landscape. It is breathtaking.

The video quality of this DVD release is actually very good. The night scenes are not that grainy. The audio is OK. It is not a special effects movie or an action movie so there are no booming scenes to be expected.

The special features are very minimal but after Heath's death, I am sure producers will re-release more footage of this great actor.

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