Sunday, July 20, 2008

Planet of the Apes (2001, 2-disc DVD)

Sometimes, Hollywood just has a lot of money to waste. Well, this take of Planet of the Apes is not a real waste but then there are some movies that you just should not touch and the 1968 film is one of them.

Let's go to the exceptional aspects of this film. The makeup is very realistic. Many of the characters look real like General Thade and Limbo. But then some of them really struggled in enunciating their words. The music is memorable and it matches the mood of the movie. The choreography of the apes is well-thought of. The extras also moved in a very realistic way.

And then the worst points--Mark Wahlberg: his bubble butt won't save the film. His acting is just horrendous. It is only after watching the extras that I understood the ending. I do not think I am that stupid though because Tim spent several minutes defending it on his commentary track.

Well, the extras in this DVD release are actually amazing. There are tons and tons of outtakes. Many steps of the pre-production and production were revealed. I have a feeling that they were too busy completing this DVD that they were not able to put in the post-production process in the extras. There are multi-camera viewing of some of the outtakes. There are tons of drawings and docus as well.

The audio quality is great and the video is generally OK. Some of the dark scenes are too grainy though. I am sure this would look a lot better on BD.

Anyway, I still like the 1968 version even if I hate what lead actor represented.

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