Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ely Lazaro

This is a picture I took of my Tito (Uncle) Ely last January 1, 2008. And this is the last time I saw him alive as he died from a heart attack last Sunday, July 5, 2008.

My mother was very close to him, her youngest brother. Whenever Tito Ely was sick, my mother would prepare him some food. She had also let my uncle share the same room with me.

Like any sudden death, people are pointing fingers and I think this is only creating more grief for everyone. I hope Tito Ely is at peace even if his loved ones are blaming one another.

I feel horrible whenever a relative passes away while I am overseas. I feel like I have turned my back on them. I feel extremely guilty.

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David T said...


I am sorry to read about your uncle. It is very sad to lose a relative. If you need anyone to talk with I am here.