Friday, July 4, 2008

The Sixth Sense (Special Edition DVD)

I have seen this movie many times so the focus of my attention is on the acting.

Of course Haley Joel Osment is still superb as the troubled Cole. His acting is very honest and very affecting. Toni Collette's scene inside the car is very very emotional and tense. I have to say though that her scene with the doctor shows her real thick Aussie accent. Donnie Wahlberg is very scarey as the suicidal ex-patient. It takes guts to take that role.

Bruce Willis should remain an action star.

Many ghost movie fans would say that this is the only good M Night Shyamalan movie and I have to agree. This is the only movie that his technique of foreshadowing and unexpected twists has worked. The theme was relatively fresh that time.

Sound effects really worked to the movie's advantage. I jumped less though because I know now where and when the ghosts will appear.

The DVD is loaded with interviews and docus. Some of which are boring stuff. The most fun I had watching this movie is the first time. It tends to get boring after that.

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