Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank God I Am Gay

I was able to pull myself out of my depression because of an invitation from a Filipino colleague who was celebrating her birthday today. It was a nice group of Thais, Kyrgystani and Filipinos. We went to Holiday Inn-Silom and raided the Irish pub there. Fortunately, the band was Filipino and very very good.

We had some good food (the fajitas were bad though) and great music. The girls in the band loved dancing with me so I was on the dance floor longer than at the dining table. I told that them that there are no cute people around. There was a snooker champ but he was not handsome as well.

And there was this Thai woman who was stunningly beautiful but drunk. She came to me and danced with me. She put my hands in places where they should not be but I quickly devised dance moves to avoid those parts of the female anatomy I dare not mention on this gay blog. The Filipino band and my friends were laughing their hearts out but the drunk woman could not see it. Probably, she couldn't see also that I was a flaming queen with her alcohol-laced eyes.

She gave me a drink and she was surprised that I said "no". She tried putting her triangular part on my thigh and I backed away. And the song finished. I was literally soaked in sweat so I took a tissue and watched her leave the place in a hurry.

The band told me that she is heartbroken. Thank God I am gay or else she would be in great danger right now. I hope she went straight home.

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