Thursday, May 8, 2008

3 Whores in Bangkok

A year ago, I dated Thai 1 and we had a fun time. He is cute and entertaining to be with. He went to Vancouver to take his masters.

Last February, I met Thai 2 and had a casual encounter with him. I went to Australia and was not able to communicate with him.

A few weeks ago, I saw Thai 1 (who is having a vacation here) and Thai 2 working out together. They both looked at me and tried to ignore me but I said "hi" to them. I thought that they were talking about me and they would think that I am a slut (who would ever think that?).

But then earlier, Thai 1 approached me and told me that Thai 2 is actually his ex and that his ex is very jealous of me. Apparently, Thai 1 admitted that we sorta dated last year but they already ended their relationship before then.

And now, Thai 1 is hounding me and asking me if I had sex with Thai 2. I refused to answer the question and the answer really should not matter to him. According to Thai 1, Thai 2 is making him feel guilty about sleeping with other men. And of course, Thai 1 wants to know if Thai 2 is doing the same thing.

Sometimes, gay men really amuse me.

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