Monday, May 12, 2008

3 Whores in Bangkok part 2

After my work out this morning, Thai 1 approached me with a confused expression on hi sface. He said Thai 2 denied knowing me. I thought "deceitful slut" but of course, I had to reserve my opinions for myself and thought of bitching about it on my blog.

Thai 1 then asked Thai 2 how I knew that Thai 2 works at the airport. Thai 2 replied "Well, he guessed it."

Anyway, Thai 1 is now very confused because so many people are claiming that they had sex with Thai 2 and yet Thai 2 is denying everything. But what is more interesting is why Thai 1 is taking all these lies. I am sure he is smart enough to know that it is impossible to have a relationship when Thai is planning to stay in Vancouver for at least two years and Thai 1 is going to stay here in Bangkok.

I asked Thai 1 to go out with me later this week but it might not be a good idea. He does not know what he wants from Thai 2. He knows it is not going to be fruitful but he is still attached to him. At the same time, I do not want Thai 2 to take revenge on me.

I think this story is not over yet.

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