Saturday, May 24, 2008

Aussie English & the Filipino Stomach

As I attempt to conquer the Land Down Under, here a few more snippets of my conversations with the natives. I obviously have to grasp their language if I want to satisfy the worms inside my stomach.

Scene 1:

ATTENDANT: So you want value meal number 1?

DEXTER: That is right but do you have root beer?

ATTENDANT: I am sorry but we do not serve alcohol here.

Scene 2:

DEXTER: Do you have tow-may-tows in your Aussie burger?

PETER: You are in Australia, Dexter, so they are called tow-mah-tows.

Scene 3:

DEXTER: The waiter forgot to give me some ketchup for these fries.

PETER: We do not usually serve tow-mah-tow sauce with our CHIPS.

Scene 4:

ATTENDANT: What would you like to order?

FRIEND: A feel-let (fillet) please.

ME (thinking): I wonder how you guys pronounce the dance.

1 comment:

Kezzer said...

Sauce = ketchup
Chips = fries
Ballet = ballet
Filet = fillet
Straya = Australia