Sunday, May 18, 2008

First, God created a gay man...and he was beautiful

The news about the removal of the ban against same-sex marriage is a feat for gay politics. I know I do not have a high opinion of the US but I am happy for my fellow gay brothers and sisters in California.

I, myself, would like to get married someday and have a family of my own. I would like my family to be there and share a very important moment for me. Marrying another man feels so natural to me and I would like the world to know that and accept that. I also would like to have a child and show him/her a life that is not full of guilt and self-hatred. I want to have a child who is very proud for what he/she is.

But I need to find myself a boyfriend first.

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Anonymous said...

Do not look for your partner in the USA| since you may not love the country as would a USA man