Friday, May 23, 2008

A Confederacy of Dunces (novel)

A more modern Cyrano de Bergerac but less appealing and less tragic, Ignatius Reilly is an intelligent beast with a quest to satisfy his ego. With the main character's flair in words, this can be easily adapted as a play although who can resemble such a grotesque physique?

The first chapters resemble an episode of Saturday Night Live. It introduces several characters that are uniquely fleshed out and involved in the world of Ignatius as the latter looks for a job, gets a job, loses a job, gets another job, organizes an uprising and finally gets involved in a scandal. Near the end of the story, it seems the hero has lost control of everything but then he is just bound to conquer another land.

Unfortunately, the author (John Kennedy Toole) killed himself before his mother convinced a publisher to print it. He could have written a sequel or sequels to this very interesting character that people would love to hate. It is very interesting to note that this book paints a very colorful and politically-incorrect (but realistic) picture of Louisiana gay life in the 60s.

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