Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (movie)

(spoilers warning)

The children have grown. The boys look a little bit more manly. Lucy is not that ugly anymore. And Susan has big boobs.

The plot is more exciting this time because there is more at stake and the battles are bigger. And for once, they lost. Speaking of battles, they are still sanitized so that children are allowed to go in the cinemas. The trees are fascinating to watch. It seems the trees cannot lose but then the Ents (of Peter Jackson) are more believable.

The acting is not that memorable. Anna Popplewell (as Lucy) is the best. William Moseley (as Peter Pevensie) is the new Keanu Reeves--they are both good-looking cardboard cutouts. Ben Barnes (as Prince Caspian) is annoyingly disturbing because of his accent--quite different from the rest of the Telmarines.

The music is too modern. The language used is terribly inferior compared to the Lord of the Rings screenplay. Nothing memorable--actually that is how I can sum the film: nothing memorable although it is a bit better than the first one.

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