Thursday, May 29, 2008

Collateral (2-disc DVD)

Tom Cruise may be the most despicable person in the world but I am still in love with him. I have always fantasized him enveloping me in his arms. According to what I have heard, it is not really that impossible. Anyway, that is not the topic of this entry.

I was very surprised at how exciting this movie is. The plot is clean and not overtly manipulative. The production value was impressive. The musical score and the cinematography took me to the exciting nightlife of L. A. The editing kept to its very measured beats.

The performances were the ones who stood out though and I think this is one of the best performances by Tom Cruise. He was very believable as a killer. He knew how to throw punches and shoot like a henchman. It is not as fake as him holding a samurai in another movie. Jada Smith is extremely beautiful and very nice to watch on screen. Jamie Foxx is not as sincere though. I can still see a man acting and and not a cabbie.

Michael Mann is a perfectionist. The extras are very informative and they show how meticulous Michael is. The commentary track is full of information and I know that many parts of the commentary track were done in more than one take. Sometimes, Michael's voice actually overlaps his own. I am now curious to see his other movies.

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