Saturday, June 2, 2007

War of the Worlds (DVD)

The first time I saw this movie on the big screen, I was amazed by the pacing because something happens every two minutes the moment the hole in the sky appeared. I was at the edge of my seat until the credits rolled.

The DVD experience was quite exciting, too. Nothing new surfaced as this is a very linear story but the thrill was still there. The documentaries were good although I wanted to see how they composed the highway scene where the camera zooms in and out of the family car as Tom Cruise (or Ray in the movie) explained to his children what has happened.

I would love to hear a commentary track on this movie but I think Steven Spielberg never really did this on his DVDs.

The actors were good, especially the ever-consistently great actress, Dakota Fanning. Her screams and the fear conveyed by her big eyes were very real.

It would be nice to watch this again in a huge home theater setup.

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