Monday, June 4, 2007

Sauna Mania

I am sure some people will not agree with this but I feel sorry for Sauna Mania. Some of the facilities have seen better days and it is not well-maintained.

I went on a Sunday night which is "skin night". It was exciting to see several brown bodies naked but then I noticed that everyone was covering their dicks, except for myself and a few Westerners. And some of the Westerners are covering their dicks as well.

I wanted to scream, "You are not Schindler Jews? Are you afraid that somebody will steal your dicks?"

I like the steam rooms because they were clean. Well, they were clean because almost nobody goes there. I also like the top floor because it is airy and you can see the face of the guy who is sucking your dick.

But the amaze is just awful. There is no way for you to see the faces of the guys and it is not even an orgy room. I dropped my lube bottle so I scrambled for it on the floor. It was full of used condoms. Eeek! But then how will anyone clean that place when you cannot even see your own nose there. There were only eight showerheads so sometimes there will be people queueing to get themselves cleaned. Have I already mentioned about the gooey floors?

What can one expect from 125 Baht? I guess a trashy place like Sauna Mania.