Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Damaged Goods

After all the heartbreaks, I cannot help but feel like a damaged product. It is natural for people to avoid things that will hurt them but when it comes to love, it seems I will never learn.

I still do not know if I was lied to. I do not know if I hoped for something that I knew was not really there. But one thing is for sure: it hurts.

What reference can I have of personal romantic relationships? Have I ever had one? I am already 28 years old and the only one that can resemble a "relationship" is a 3-year long distance arrangement I had with a European. He did not even talk to me regularly. In fact, there were months that I heard nothing from him.

It is just so difficult when you know in your heart that you are not meant to be alone and yet you are.

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jimmy2 said...


Jimmy here, Dex your not damage goods, you are smart, intelligent,good looking, and u have a lot going for you.

Please slow down and let mother nature take her course. Your trying too hard to find something that you end up not finding anything at all but heartaches and loneliness.

Love will happen and you will find your man especially when you least expect it and most of the time it will have been in front of you all the time but you were too busy looking in all the wrong places.

"Good things comes to he who waits"

Your Prince is out there,and he will come and you will be forever in love :D