Friday, June 22, 2007

Babae sa Breakwater (DVD)

I was born and grew up in Manila and yet I find this movie very shocking. So many times I have been to Roxas Boulevard and yet I never thought that people actually live there because there is no shade but tons and tons of trash.

This is the first time I have seen this movie. I did not watch it when it was released in the Philippines because I thought it was just one of the soft-core flicks that Viva Films is known to produce.

This movie presents extremely realistic stories of people living in very inhumane conditions. It reminds me that people do starve in the Philippines. Thais are really lucky that they can afford to eat here.

Katherine Luna, the main actress, used to live here so she was very powerful in the movie. It is her debut movie and yet she is not self-conscious. I wonder what she is doing nowadays though.

There are some parts that need fine-tuning like the introduction (which is very messy) and the sychronization of the audio and video. Viva Films did not do anything to make this DVD presentable and it is a shame because this movie is very important despite its technical flaws.

Thank you, Rotem, for watching it with me.

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