Friday, June 1, 2007

The Corpse Bride (DVD)

I think stop-motion animation will be here for a long time but we will not see it as often as before. But I think we will still be dazzled by it.

I really liked this movie because of its fantastic story and very queer characters. I cannot help but mention that I really like "Nightmare Before Christmas" much more because the latter has a more complicated plot than "The Corpse Bride".

The music is so funny and memorable. My favorites are the first song and the song of the Maggots and the black widow. It is good that most of the actors have theater background.

The voice actors are superb and fitting except for one. That is Christopher Lee. I cannot imagine though how an animator can fairly represent the godly voice of this actor. But maybe Christopher Lee should have toned down his voice.

I really would love to watch this DVD over and over again. The Region 3 version also has Thai audio, including the songs!

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