Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Tracker (DVD)

(the Australian release has a better DVD packaging but I cannot find a scan online)
I watched this amazing movie in a film festival in Manila. Fortunately, I had already seen "Rabbit-Proof Fence" that time so I was very familiar with the topic. I should also mention that it was Peter who introduced me to David Gulpilil and who gave me the DVDs for the two movies.

The story is very simple and yet very strong and emotionally-charged. There were no hysterics or outward violence and yet it was chilling because of the theme. Clearly, this movie does not want to bank on the monstrosities that happened but history itself. And it is by itself very effective.

The actors are all very impressive. David does not fail to amaze me. The music is also very effective in conveying the emotions and the narrative. The cinematography may not be as beautiful as "Rabbit-Proof Fence" but it is beautiful just the same.

This one-disc release is loaded with extras. I particularly love the clips of the film festivals. It shows how well-received this movie was. How I wish there is an audio commentary track though.

I am sorry but I cannot help compare "Tracker" with "Rabbit-Proof Fence" because the stories happen around the same time and it stars David Gulpilil. Although "Tracker" is better-acted, the other film is more memorable because of the imagery and the fact that it involves children. Nevertheless, "Tracker" is a great movie.

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