Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nasaan si Francis? (DVD)

I got this DVD because it is a Unitel release and Unitel does not make movies that make money. They have a good record so far.

"Nasaan Si Francis?" (translated as "Where is Francis?") is a thriller that is not thrilling. It also tries to be funny and it is not. It tries to be different but it is not. I have seen some Hollywood movies with a dead person being carried to different places.

The acting is good but not exceptional. Kudos to Christopher De Leon because he accepted a role that is very different from the ones he had in the past. He is so damn hot! I wonder how much he paid for his facial surgery. I am sure that that is not natural. Epy Quizon's job was difficult too. He was practically a punching bag for most of the movie.

Production design was not that good. The set does not look like a hacienda. The make up was stereotypical. The harlots look like Filipino salesladies and not harlots.

The quality of the video and audio are good as expected from this company. It is loaded with many special features including trailers of Filipino classics. I really would like to get all of those.

I am not really sure if this is worth collecting. It tries so much to be a different Filipino movie but I have seen so many elements in this movie in foreign movies.

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