Monday, December 1, 2008

Adelaide's Picnic in the Park 2008

I was very excited to be in this event and my expectations were met. Holding hands with Steven and kissing him did not grant us extra attention. We saw other people kissing and cuddling and nobody cared. We felt normal as we are supposed to.

Steven and I met some of our friends. He saw some of his straight friends. In fact, there were a lot of straight couples going around. I guess it is because there is nothing much to do in Adelaide so some people just go to places where they can just relax.

Even before entering the venue, dogs caught our attention. There was a dog show and we were very ecstatic to see the wonderful dogs. Included in this posting is a photo of us holding a Jack Russell. Her name is B and we got a lot of attention because of her. She is just lovely.

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