Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Murray Bridge, Karoonda, Lameroo

Remote towns in the Philippines are surrounded by crops like coconuts, rice, pineapples and hemp. Many people have a hard life because of the typhoons but they stay resilient and very warm to guests. They value their families and their friendships a lot.

Steven took me to the small towns in South Australia and I was surprised at how different the lifestyle is. People are very insular and very conservative. They do not like homosexuals. They do not comb their hair or press their clothes. And yet there is something there that attracts me towards them. They are real, extremely warm and very generous. They open their arms even if it is their first time to see you. They offer everything that they have to make you comfortable.

The landscape is absolutely amazing. I saw farmlands as far as my eye can see. We drove really fast and yet the farms were still there. Very fierce sunlight showed the blue sky hugging the yellow landscape.

This is the real Steven Pope and not the one who is in Adelaide. He is very warm and generous. This is where the love of my life comes from.

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Social Disaster said...

You two are soo adoreable together.