Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taking Certificate IV in TESOL course

I came to Adelaide to look for a job as an ESL teacher but it became very apparent that I need a certificate IV in TESOL to be considered for a teaching position here. I immediately signed up for an online course with an in-class component.

As I expected, I am not learning anything new because I have been doing the same thing for 2 1/2 years as an English instructor. One of the schools that is discussed in this course is actually the school that is still technically my employer and it is the biggest one in the industry.

I am not yet sure if I want to ask for an exemption by gathering documents to prove to them that I am worthy of the certificate without going through the course. Or maybe it is easier and more practical for me to go through the course.

It is strange that all of my classmates in this course are Aussies who are inexperienced and who want to teach overseas and I am an Asian who want to teach here.
Anyway, it is just one hurdle among the others that I have to face until I reach my goal.

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