Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Lights Along Torrens River

It was nearing 10 PM and Steven pulled me away from the computer for a drive. He said we are going to see some Christmas lights. I was not that excited because Adelaide is devoid of Christmas compared to the Philippines.

So we went to Torrens River where a huge crowd was moving about.

We read "Merry Christmas" in different languages but it did not have one in Tagalog. That was disappointing. Anyway, it was fun seeing people with their young children wearing pyjamas and eating cotton candy.

I know it was very late but then it does not get dark here until 9:30 PM.

I miss the Christmas that we have in the Philippines where everything is lined with Christmas lights. Every street lamp is adorned with a star-shaped lantern. Every store is playing a Christmas song. Every house is filled with people smiling.

I miss the Philippines.

2 comments: said...

And there was no sign in Filipinas - the official language. Also Australians do not eat cotton candy!

Dexter Mejia said...

Locally, it is called fairy floss.