Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quantum of Solace (2008, movie)

First things first, the Marion cinema is boring, small and old. The curtains squeak very loudly. The seats do not recline. Customers are not able to see the floor plan before they buy the ticket. At least, it was not too cold inside.

OK now the movie--it was cool but the first Daniel Craig version is better. "Quantum of Solace" has a lot of car chases, mano y mano fight scenes and dramatic scenes. I do not mind that it has fewer gadgets and sex scenes but I do mind that Daniel Craig is only half-naked in this one (top part ho-hum!).

The stunts are daring and Daniel's suits are amazing. Those pants really hug his muscular buns really nicely. The visual effects are more believable than the other Bond films but that does not mean they are not over the top. They still are.

I just wish that we get to see Daniel's bare buttocks in the next movie.

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