Friday, November 7, 2008

Dexter does the Pokies

After ordering a huge mixed steak at the local pub, the waitress gave me a dollar so I could try out the pokeys (or slot machines). I could have kept the money for myself but my host Kerry wanted me to try it out. Kerry also gave me his free dollar.

I have to say first that I did not grow up in a household where the parents tolerated gambling. My father hated it so much that he never allowed playing cards inside the house. His influence is so great that even up to now, I still do not know how to play cards.

Anyway, so there I was infront of a pokey. I played 5 cents for each spin (I am not sure if I am using the right terms). I won one dollar so I spent it again. Then I lost it.

After that, Kerry made me try Keno. It is like a combination of Bingo and the lottery. I also lost.

Honestly speaking, gambling is boring because it is not intellectually or even physically stimulating. I do not see myself getting addicted. At least now, I can tell people that I tried it.

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