Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Hate Qantas

Ok ok I have to tell you first that I arrived in Adelaide in one piece. I know it is not nice to use the word hate but that is exactly what I feel right now. I hate fucking Qantas!

Last April, I ignored the fact that they didn't have movies on demand on my flight from Sydney to Bangkok. I also ignored the fact that there were numerous technical failures in Qantas flights in the past several months. A few weeks ago, a Qantas plane dropped so fast that it caused spinal cord injuries in some of its passengers.

On 2nd of November, I was supposed to fly at 5:25 PM but we boarded the plane half an hour late. I thought that is OK--I would still be able to make my connecting flight to Adelaide. But that was only the beginning.

The pilot announced that there was an engine failure and that they were testing it. Hours passed and they mentioned they have to replace some parts. Three hours have passed and yet we were still cooped up in the airplane. I was getting delirious because I was extremely hungry. And then I saw them serving some food but my jaw fell open when I found out that these were only ice pops.

4 1/2 hours later, the pilot announced that we were going to fly. Keep in mind that we were still inside the fully-booked plane. Many of the passengers had connecting flights so the pilot assured the passengers that sound ground crew would assist us in getting to our connecting flights.

I asked a flight attendant for an arrival card but he never gave me one. I wanted to explode when I got off the plane but Qantas thought that I could take some more beating.

On the ground, we were greeted by two staff members. It was a fucking 747 plane with most of the passengers leaving Sydney and yet they gave us only two fucking idiots!

I spent 45 minutes at customs. I found out from a Vodafone shop clerk that my connecting flight was actually in a different airport. The idiots did not mention this.

So I found the check-in desk. I was also surprised that I had to check-in again and it took me 45 minutes to do it. Obviously, I missed my connecting flight and had to wait two more hours for my flight to Adelaide.

Finally, I arrived in Adelaide at 4:05 PM. I was supposed to arrive at 10 AM. Great job, Qantas!


white noise said...

OMG! andyan ka na! good luck and take care dexter! update mo kame through your blog. I still can';t believe obama actually won! (can't believe in a good way-as im sooo happy about this!)

Dexter Mejia said...

thanks cheery. I knew that Obama was going to win but I never imagined that it would happen in our lifetime. And it did!