Saturday, February 2, 2008

Missing Sweeney Todd

Yes, I will give it a miss because the theater operators admit that the gory scenes are blurred out. They usually do this for guns, syringes, machetes, dicks and any pointed things. I won't be surprised if Cyrano Bergerac will get the same treatment.

I need to wait for it to be released on DVD but then I have to buy it outside of Thailand. I love Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter.

I hate censorship!

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Anonymous said...

I saw "Sweeney Todd" last night. I'm sure you'll like it as you have not seen it on stage or a Broadway musical/opera. The film is great technically. However neither Depp's nor Bonham Carter's voices are up to the demands of Sondheim's music and lyrics. Unlike the live performances, Depp's characterisation does not come across as brooding and menacing. Similarly, Bonham Carter's characterisation is not the comic counterbalance required by her character. My recommendation: see the film without the audio.