Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teen Girls Objectifying Gay Men

I never thought that such a thing would happen. Y-girls or teenage girls are now objectifying men and not just men. It is us gay men. I have read this article on Bangkok Post and (I am sure I will offend some girls out there) it is sickening.

We gay men have never objectified women. We actually adore them, pay tribute to them, curl their hair, paint their faces, make their dress and teach them how to win the Miss Universe contest. How dare they repay us with this?

We are not the ones who do not show up on second dates. We are not the ones who sleep with their female best friends. We are not the one who tell their friends that we screwed them. We are not the ones who get them pregnant and leave them. We won't even touch them with a 100 foot pole.

They pay to see us kiss and fall in love with each other. I shudder with the thought of them fantasizing about us. 

Women, leave us alone!

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