Monday, January 21, 2008

Six Feet Under Season 5 (DVD)

So many of my friends recommended that I watch this TV series. I was able to complete the set on my last trip to Manila. It has been several months since I last visited the Fishers and they were still vivid.

I am impressed with the female cast. Their performances are so raw even that of Tina Holmes whose character was only fleshed out in this final season. Lauren Ambrose is still convincing although Frances Conroy have become very relatable. The characterization of the men are a bit disappointing though. I expected so much especially from Nate but then it became bland because of Peter Krause's limited expressions (eyes wide and eyes open, a smile here and a snarl there). David's resolution falls flat as well. Why has the psycho-carjacker's memory has to come back anyway? Is it because he felt unsafe without Nate? It is just not enough.

Plot-wise I am impressed. Visually, it will draw you in. Emotionally--erm, I was crying a whole lot.

But Rachel Griffiths. She is just so fucking good. I really thought she gained weight just to look like she is pregnant. I was surprised to hear in the commentary that she was indeed pregnant. What dedication!

The extras are nice but they keep on praising one another. It was sickening. In addition, I suggest that you do not listen to Allan Ball's commentary track. I know he is the creator of this series but he ends up praising his work, his life and his own morals. Argh!

Just the same, I am proud to have the Fisher family and their work in my collection.

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