Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Am Legend (movie)

I went to the cinema with very low expectations and maybe that is why I enjoyed this mediocre movie.

The premise is actually very interesting: a mad-scientist trying to save the world by discovering the medicine to rid the world of a man-made virus. He is all alone and will probably hook up with any non-nocturnal creature in sight. I wish I were there to keep hunky Willy Smithy company. But then the ending falls short. It could have been more dramatic.

The visuals are nice although some of them are obviously CGI and/or miniatures. Though "28 Days Later" has a smaller budget, they were able to stop the traffic in some London landmarks. It is really easy to identify which one is real for movie geeks like me.

Will Smith can only be Will Smith. It is hard to see the character. It is a very challenging one though. I wonder how other actors would interpret this character. let me fantasize what Will Smith and I can do if we are the only people left in this world.

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