Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Gangster (movie)

Ellie and Gary (a Filipino-British couple) gave me two free tickets for this preview last night. It was too late to get a date so my bags had a comfortable seat.

On the first-half of the movie, I thought that it would be another movie about black men and drugs. I thought that we have enough of those. I thought the only difference between the other movies and this one is a huge budget.

But I was mistaken--the little twist in the end made me sit up straight. The Frank Clark character became more sympathetic and so was Russell Crowe's.

The acting was good but it is not really that demanding. The production design was demanding though because they had to recreate three countries in the late 60s and early 70s. I cannot comment on Harlem but I can comment on Bangkok. Many of the extras look contemporary and I swear I saw some backpackers in the background. It is a challenging task for the designer and he/she was not able to pull it off.

The censorship here is hmm what can I say? I think it is just silly. Syringes and nipples were blurred out. Those images are considered very mild compared to the ones I saw here in Silom area every night.

It is hard to say if the film is worth watching. It is hard to say the value of this movie.

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