Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Pinoy Vote

Ramiele Malubay may not be the best Filipino singer around but she is definitely the best Filipino contestant that American Idol has ever had. She is also one of the best singers in this season. Many of the contestants only look good but does not deliver very well.

It is amusing to know her choice of songs. They are traditional contest pieces back home where everyone is always belting and performing circus acts with their vocal chords. The judges say that she is such a small person to contain such a big voice. But then many of our belters are really really short.

Ramiele is very bold to mention that she is a Filipino in every appearance. This might work to her disadvantage because viewers will see her as a foreigner and not as an American Idol. On the other hand, there are tons of Filipinos in the US and we love supporting one of our own.

American Idol is one of the things I am going to miss during my tour of Australia. Can anyone tell me where I can watch the episodes? Is there an American Idol in Australia? Which channel?


Anonymous said...

American Idol showed in FOX Channel Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm-9pm. Here in Sydney.

Dexter Mejia said...

thanks for the info whoever you are