Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beautiful Boxer (DVD)

There was no original DVD of this title in Thailand that has English subtitles so I had to get this one in Manila. Unfortunately, it is a barebones DVD and it is even on full screen with matching grains and compression artefacts.

Like many Thai movies, this one is overly melodramatic but the action scenes are executed artistically and beautifully. It is really hard not to admire Muay Thai. I am now more amazed by this martial art than ever.

The lead actor is just super sexy. I wish I had him as my sparring partner in my classes but then I do not think I would be able to fight him. Even with the make up on, he is still very masculine. Maybe, I really have a thing for lady boys.

Now getting back to my review, Asanee Suwan gives a sympathetic and realistic performance of a kathoey. Though he cannot hide his bulging body parts (here I go again), he still conveys the gentleness and warmth of a woman.

I am not sure about the significance of this movie in Thai culture but I am sure many gay men would love to have this in his collection.

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