Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tsotsi (DVD)

This is another compulsive buy but I do not regret it.

Tsotsi is a teenager who is lost in a place of violence and coldness. But a twist of fate taught him humanity and gentleness. I am sure it was very challenging for Presley Chweneyagae to portray this broken person but he was able to make Tsotsi's disposition understandable. And there is the beautiful Terry Pheto who is very mesmerizing as the single mother/widow who helped Tsotsi realize what a child needs.

The setting of the story is as important as the story itself. I know poor communities like the one in the movie exist in many parts of the world but this movie shows that there is still some kindness in a very harsh place.

The audio and video quality of the DVD are great. It is dual-layer and the movie is only 90 minutes long so it has all the space to stretch is pixels and bits.

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