Thursday, February 14, 2008

Failing in the Big B

Panos gave me a free ticket to the Babylon Sauna and a Babylon cap late last year. I tried to give it away to a friend but he did not accept it. The ticket was to expire by the end of this month. I was horny and it is not easy for me to get a nice hookup so I went last night.

It was the middle of the week so many areas were closed. There were not that many people either. American Idol extended for one hour so I really thought that I would have the dredges of the night's catch. But there were actually some good-looking guys. Most are Thais. There were tons of Caucasians. There were some Mediterranean-looking men. Some are Arab-looking. And one is African-American.

Some Thai men fancied me. One of them is heavily muscular but he was not handsome. Another one is muscular and smooth but then he is girlier than Maria Clara (the strongest Filipino image of femininity). I was surprised that none of the Westerners fancied me, not even the old ones.

Is it my Annie-inspired hair? Is it my creatine-infused body? Is it my desperate (mis)demeanor?

I tried to become bold and touched the engorged package of the African-American (I have never had one). He swiftly glared at me and I saw my life flashed before my eyes (and it was boring). Then I thought about my ageing parents in Manila. After that, I thought about my plane tickets to Australia. I also thought about my future husband and the children and the grandchildren that we are going to have.

I cannot be found dead in a gay sauna!

When I came to my senses, I realized that I was in a cubicle with an American who refused to kiss me, suck me and be fucked by me. I thought "beggars can't be choosers" and settled for a hand-job.

The air was cool last night so I felt alone but glad that I am still alive. I walked away singing "Tomorrow".


Anonymous said...


i cannot be found dead in a gay sauna

happy valentines dexter!

Dexter Mejia said...

happy valentine's day cheery.

Did you get at least some flowers from your boss?

ho ho ho

Exeter said...

Well, it seems time hasn't changed you. You are the same hypersexual you were in 2007. Then again, zebras cannot change their stripes, eh ?