Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oz 2008: Suvarnabumi Airport

It was easy to fall asleep last night but it was not easy to stay asleep.

I spent a very long time packing my things and it is mainly because I have to think one month ahead. At the same time, I have not been to this country yet. Should I pack warm clothes or should they all be summer clothes? How much hair gel should I bring?

Yes, that is right. I have already gotten rid of my curls and now sporting a modified Mohawk. The stylist had a difficult time though because he is not used to Filipino kink.

I am here at the Suvarnabhumi Airport waiting for my flight. I still have some hours to waste. I did not expect the airport bus would be that fast. It only took us one hour to get here and it was a very comfortable ride.

I am now munching on some nuts and drinking a bottle of water. I cannot get in the boarding gate yet as I have to consume this one liter of Singha delight first.

This adventure has already started very smoothly.


Anonymous said...

modified mohawk=hershey's kisses


Anonymous said...

dammit!!......curls makes u look so cute.......mohawk makes u look just so fucken' damn hot.1 please keep it this way!

enjoy ur trip matey

Anonymous said...

or is it just ur singlet which makes makes me doesnt matter.....gotta jerk off now...LOL