Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Gay Vote

Obama is the black vote. Clinton is the women's vote. McCain is the rednecks' vote. And American Idol's Danny Noriega is the gay vote.

Danny is flashy and flamboyant and unmistakenly part of the family. I love him for that. He may not be the best singer in this season's lineup but he sure knows how to entertain the audience.

Unfortunately, he is still a sensitive gay boy and curls up into a little ball whenever post-menopausal Simon Cowell lashes at him. The only way for him to win this competition is winning a rhetorical fight with Simon while wearing his skinny jeans.

So I hope American gay men vote for him because American Idol is the only democratic thing that anyone will ever have in this war-hungry country.

Go Danny (double snaps)!

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