Thursday, January 1, 2009

Babel (DVD, 2-disc)

I saw this movie in a Bangkok cinema when it came out and here is my earlier review.

I know this movie represents different languages and how we are connected by our lives. For me, this movie is about abandonment. Chieko's mother killed herself. The bus left the American tourists. The nanny left her kids to look for help. And the young Moroccan kids leaving their innocence behind.

It is hard to know the quality of the video of the movie because the screen that I have is small. But judging from what I have seen, it is a very good transfer. The palette differences between the countries are very apparent.

The sound is very good. I am surprised that they were able to cancel many of the noises in the Japan scenes.

The second disc is very simple and yet it is very rich. I am impressed that the director took his time documenting the contents and editing this special feature. Because of this hard work, it really looked like a very decent TV special.

I got this DVD set from a discount store for only 5 AUD!!! I really think that they are phasing out DVDs here in Australia.

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