Friday, January 9, 2009

Bunyip Monster in Murray Bridge

Last weekend, a straight friend of mine showed me Murray Bridge. It is 70 minutes north of Adelaide and it actually resembles Adelaide pretty much. It is popular among residents in the small towns of the northern part of the South Australian state because it has a lot of shops that are found in Adelaide.

My friend and I walked along the river bank and I found this huge heap of rocks that resemble a bunker. I went around it and found a coin-operated machine. It was the Bunyip Monster! It is an aboriginal monster and I admit I know very little about it.

I was told that sometimes they do not clean the water in the tank so the monster looks scarier with the muck running down its body as it emerges. It would be nice to see this at night.

Please post a comment if you have information about the Bunyip Monster

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