Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change is gonna come

Everytime I hear news about racial discrimination, I get emotional. Everytime I read articles on the history of African-Americans, I get emotional. Everytime someone tells me of a race-related attack, I get emotional.

My feelings do not only stem from the fact that I am not Caucasian. I have been a victim of racism far too many times and I still get affected just the same.

The Philippines have no history with the African-Americans and yet I can relate to their plight. Just because of the color of their skin, they were not allowed to be in certain places. They were not allowed to marry anyone they like. They were denied of rights that others enjoy.

I am quite happy that the United States of America now has a president of color. I refuse to say that he is black because he is white as well (that will be another discussion). Indeed, the time when we are judged by our character and not by our color is coming (Martin Luther King Jr.).

I just hope that time when we are judged by our character and not by our sexual orientation will come as soon.

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