Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vera Drake (DVD)

I heard of this movie several years ago and when I saw Imelda Staunton in a Harry Potter trailer, I was reminded of this movie again. I was impressed with her amusing portrayal of the vicious Dolores Umbridge. But Vera Drake is very very different.

It is very refreshing to watch a movie that does not rely on fantastic effects nor booming orchestral music nor a playful script. This one just relies solely on acting. The performers were devoid of fancy make up and clothes. It is not only their voices that talks but also their bodies. It is very apparent that each actor knows what their character is about but Vera Drake is very striking. She has a pure heart that is dedicated to helping others and not thinking of consequences.

The theme of the movie may be controversial in some societies. As for me, I really do not have an opinion about this. I do not think I am in the proper position to have an opinion about this. I just believe that a person would know what to do with her body and not the people around her/him.

The DVD is awful. It does not have anything about the movie. For an acting student, this could have been a wonderful resource of information.

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Peter said...

She is a very good actress