Saturday, January 3, 2009

O-Bahn Buses in Adelaide

Public transport system in Adelaide sucks and it makes me consider (for the first time in my life) to learn how to drive. I have ridden buses and trams here. A few weeks ago, Steven showed me the O-Bahn bus. It is an ordinary bus that has some guide wheels at the side of it. It runs like any other bus on the street but there is a twist. It can also run on rails that were constructed solely for these unique buses.

The system offers a fast and safe ride for a few of the bus routes. It can be noisy but it is just cute to try this one out.

To read more about the O-Bahn, please click here.


Social Disaster said...

Wow. It is strange for me to hear that some people don't drive. I come from a surburban area where there is lack of efficent public transportation so here almost everyone drives, whereas In D.C. and Virgina people commute using buses and the Metro. Many people in the inner city don't drive either. I guess because of my background I forget that there are people that do not drive in order to get to their destination...interesting.

Dexter Mejia said...

Cortez, thanks for visting my blog again. I was raised in a huge city (Manila) and moved to another huge city (Bangkok) and both these places have very efficient public transport system. It is actually very unwise to drive in these cities because of the horrible traffic.

I just moved to a city where there are not that many people. There are tons of suburbs that are unreachable by public transport.

I guess this lessens my chance of joining the Amazing Race.

cheery said...

dexter your profile still says " in BANGKOK " :) glad to se youre enjoying the outback. its beautiful and that kangaroo reminds me of putot (any cute aimal does) hehehe

Anonymous said...

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