Saturday, December 15, 2007


Many of my friends know my childhood and how I was brought up. Many of you know where my insecurities stem from. I feel low right now after feeling great in the first half of this week.

It was splendid spending time with AM. It seems he is the man that I have been looking for but I only had a taste of what that relationship can be. Can I really have it?

God, I am already 29 years old and yet I have had only one relationship and that was long distance. Many people would not even count it as a serious relationship.

Sometimes, I feel that there are things/people that are too good for me to have. Am I being fair to myself? Am I putting myself down? Or am I just being realistic?

I cannot wait to have a distraction so my Manila trip is just perfect. I will be busy meeting friends and being with my family.

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