Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wolf Creek (DVD)

Thank you, Peter, for giving me this DVD. This is the first Aussie horror movie I have ever seen.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. The tension was just right and there were some unexpected moments. It was nice guessing who the lead is but you really will never know until the end.

The performances were good although how I wish the producers did not use the Freddy Krueger or Hannibal Lecter bits in marketing this movie because it can stand on its own.

The makeup and effects were also convincing. It was actually not obvious that it was a low-budget movie until I watched the supplementary disc. The commentary track was entertaining but sometimes it would have been nice if the production team were separate from the actors. They talk at the same time and they are not talking about the same thing.

Anyway, you really should watch this Aussie horror flick.

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