Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Six Feet Under: Season 3 (DVD)

It was only on the third episode of this series that I realized that everything was real. I could not believe that Brenda was out of the picture and that Nate went with Lisa. And it was a year after the surgery. This is the most impressive first episode of a series I have ever seen.

I am impressed that the characters are no longer stereotypical compared to the first series. They are more complicated and sympathetic. I do not know what the producers did but the actors are a lot better than they were. Maybe because they have a better material to work on.

Ruth's character is very interesting and wonderfully portrayed. But Claire still steals the scenes for me because she is very truthful and she is now having adult problems.

It is very depressing. The last episode was intense. I will start the fourth series tonight.

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Math D. said...

For sure, I love this. I saw the first time in France, many years ago... I like the mood of the pictures and sounds. I love Claire and Brenda...
I stopped to this season for now, but i"m thinkin'about buy the é OTHERS...