Monday, May 21, 2007

Six Feet Under: 4th Season (DVD)

Like the third series, the fourth season has its own mega surprise and that is the "That's My Dog" episode where David Fisher gets abducted by an attractive young man. The role is hauntingly played by Michael Weston. I was actually waiting for my root canal when I watched this and I totally forgot that I was in for a very uncomfortable dental procedure.

All of the charactes have developed greatly and none of them is boring (well, except for Federico but it has more to do with the actor's bland acting than the writing). This is the moment where I cannot relate anymore to Claire as she falls in a life of drug use.

The commentary tracks are very useful in enriching the viewing experience. But they sometimes give spoilers of the next season and I do not appreciate that. I have to wait for more than half a year to get the final season. In Thailand, it is super expensive so I will buy it in the Philippines instead.

And now we are back to individual reviews of movies.

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